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Two hundred is a good number. In cricket, a century is considered a very good score by a batsman. A double century is a lot rarer, a lot more prized. ‘Not out’ means the batsman is still ‘at the crease’ and has the potential to score more ‘runs’.

Two hundred of anything is impressive I think. 200 fans or followers is more than the sacred 150, thought of as the maximum size for a ‘tribe’.  200 customers means you’re a serious player. 200 wins, well, you get the picture.

This, dear reader, is my 200th post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing them.

Here’s to 200 more – as long as they’re useful!


Why do people blog? There must be a myriad reasons. When someone likes a post of mine I check out their profile, and a lot of them are travelling the world and chasing the dream, using their blog as a way of communicating with peple, recording their activities, or even raising money for their lifestyle by advertising their lifestyle. Blog your way around the world! Make money blogging to fund your travel ! That kind of thing.

Here are four reasons why I blog:

– I enjoy writing

– It gives me the discipline of having to create content regularly and to deadlines

– I like the format and the 2-way, web 2.0 nature of the medium. Everyone needs a little dialogue in their life

– It gives me the platform from which to put my slant on the world as I see it, how I think it works, and how I think it could be improved

I hope you get something out of it. If you don’t, then I guess you won’t tune in. Quite right too. Your time is precious.