What is the deal with LinkedIn endorsements? Well, you know what the deal is from the link I just gave you.  But, really, what is the deal?

Not a week passes by without me getting a handful of these endorsements.  I’m grateful for them, but I’m not sure what purpose they serve.  For this reason I’ve never given anyone an endorsement, because I don’t see the value – to them.

I’ve always tried to make sure I connect on LinkedIn with people I have worked with, or at least had some dealings with. I don’t connect with people I don’t know, even if we share common groups.  Occasionally I will craft a recommendation for someone without being asked.  I’ll also recommend someone if they ask me to, but only if I can be genuine in my recommendation.  If they recommend me back, great.

I view endorsements as a different kettle of fish.  I view them as simply an additional – and often redundant- extra layer of connection.  It sometimes feels like those people who have a whole bunch of connections that they don’t know are now having to curate a ‘proper’ level of connections through endorsements.