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Check! That’s the one thing I advise you to make part of your life and work DNA, if at all possible.

In this crazy busy, speed-of-now world in which we inhabit, many of us are publishing things the moment we’ve created them. we’re getting things out the door almost as fast as they’re coming into us. In this chaotic, hectic environment it’s easy to forget about the detail.

But consider all the possible instances in your work and home lives when attention to the small things matter:

  • That typo you asked the designer to change in the final proof before you go to print
  • That email someone offered to draft for you to go out to your customer
  • The final touches to the room your painter-decorator promised to do
  • The locking wheel-nut your mechanics said they would put back under the spare tyre in the boot of your car
  • The read-through of your blog post to check for mistakes, before someone else finds them
  • Any work you’re paying for

You’re not micro-managing people when you do this. You’re professionally closing the loop on something you’ve asked to be done, or something you’re doing yourself. No sense in messing up the landing when you’ve flown all this way.

Always check if you can. A second spent now will save you minutes or even hours and money later.


It’s interesting to me what we understand by the word ‘professional’ these days.

To ‘profess’ comes from the latin words ‘pro’ – in front – and ‘fateor’ – to confess openly – and can be echoed closely in the phrase you often hear in the business world these days: ‘I’m just putting it out there.”

From profess we can see how the words professor and profession come to be.  While a profession comes to mean an occupation, however, these days when we use the term ‘professional’ we don’t just mean someone who does their job.  We also mean someone who does it well.

In the main the term has been appropriated for the white collar jobs.  A sales professional sounds better than a sales woman or sales man.  The exception to this is in sports like soccer, where you hear people refer to someone as a ‘true’ or ‘real’ professional, which says more about the immense majority who are not.

So my ask of you is this: what is people’s view of you?  Are you fulfilling your profession, doing your job, or are you a professional?  Which one has more chance of being considered indispensable?