I’m not a religious person, so I don’t really hold much with divine direction.

I do believe in karma, however, the kind where spiritual credits and debits are in operation. Over the course of a life, these pretty much even out I think. If you do good, life pays you back with good. If you do bad, at the expense of others, then a big piece of bad will probably even the score.

I was reminded of this the other day when my good lady and I were at a fun-raising pub quiz night. As it turned out, our team won the quiz, and we were presented with a very bag of generous goodies each, including money. We gave half the money back as a prize for the raffle. We then promptly won 2 prizes in the raffle. Score one for the nice guys.

There was a table next to us, with a coupe of older folk and their kids. They didn’t win anything in the raffle, despite having bought quite a few tickets for quite a few prizes. We gave them one of our goodie bags and were preparing to head off.

Then, over the loud speakers our hostess explained that she had forgotten one of the really good prizes, and so there was to be one more draw, for a new smartphone. ‘Ooh,’ said Mrs D, ‘I need a new smartphone.’

You can guess the rest. Score two for the nice guys.

Karma, paying it forward, call it what you will. Be nice, it works.