It’s so much better to give than receive, isn’t it?  That feeling of satisfaction when you improve the lot of someone else and level the playing field somewhat.  It’s sensible business practice as well, as what goes around will come around, which is the golden premise of social media.  You give, while expecting nothing else in return, unless or until you’ve earned it, and only your customer decides that.

Big or small, it’s the thought that counts.  A compliment to someone who’s served you a great meal; a thank you to someone who’s not used to getting them; a repayment of a favour with a bigger favour.  It doesn’t cost anything to be thoughtful.

Here’s a thought: we’re used to receiving gifts from our suppliers, but when was the last time we gave them a gift?  How many awards do you see organised for suppliers by their customers?

Make someone’s day, pay it forward and you’ll never know what you might start.