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How many new things, initiatives, projects, behaviours have you started and abandoned? How many worthy departures without a destination?

All of us have things we started and didn’t get finished. We left it and it went to waste, or it became overgrown or out of date and we couldn’t re-use, regenerate or recycle it.

We might have learned something, and that’s good, but we’ve lost something too. Time, for sure, our nerve maybe, something else.

There’s a cure for this. Finish! Finish something! Get it done! Start small, with a small project you know you can complete if you re-prioritise and apply yourself. Then finish something else small, then something else after that.

Get that finishing feeling. Be a finisher, a closer.

Winners don’t always finish first, but they do finish.

Writer’s block? Not sure how to start, or where to start? A lot of people will tell you: ‘just start, write something, anything to get you going.’

Whether you’re writing, composing, or just plain planning, I find the best place to start is the end. What is the end result you’re looking for? How do you want things to finish up? What’s your destination? Once you’ve defined that, you can work back and build your outline or framework.

Then you can start at the start.