And so we’ve arrived at the final B2B account planning stage. You made it. Congratulations, well done. If you follow this process you should reap the benefits of your great work. So far we’ve researched, grouped, targeted, strategised, built & executed, monitored, and, in our seventh B2B account planning stage, reviewed.

Now we come to the eighth and final B2B account planning stage. It’s a lot like the final stages of other sales and marketing series I’ve shared.

Of course, it’s to start again. Back to the research.

A financial year is effectively a cycle, but it’s a cycle you never get to repeat. Account planning is a cycle too, which is why you start again, as soon as you’re finished. Business is a cycle too, but it’s one that you can do over, as the US would say, and improve upon every time.

If you were reading these posts as they were first published, the timing is good. You’re in good time to get your account plans done for the next calendar year. If you’re reading them some months or years from now, that’s OK. It’s never too late to start the account planning process, wherever you are in your financial year. I advise you to read them in order; it shouldn’t take you too long. There are plenty of longer posts or books you can read to go deeper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series and that it’s given you a taste of how much business you can generate and how much control you can exercise over your business if you do account planning well, and ideally with the support of technology for all its collaborative, communication – and these days data-driven and AI-inspired – insights.

Good luck! Good selling :-).