Into the final quarter of the B2B account planning process we go, and not a moment too soon.

So far we’ve done research, grouping, targeting, strategising, building & executing, before, in our last post, monitoring, the sixth B2B account planning stage.

Now we come to the seventh B2B account planning stage, which is reviewing. Towards the end of the period to which your account plan applies, it’s always good to take stock and see how you got on. Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • How many of our targeted opportunities did we win? Was our hit rate higher than for regular opportunities?
  • What was our final percentage performance against target for the plan? What does that say about the target and the performance?
  • What went well during the process? What went less well?
  • Did we get good team alignment and participation? If not, how can we fix that for the next time?

Reviewing helps you close the loop on your account plan. It allows you to review how successful you were, and to discuss and learn the lessons that you can incorporate as improvements for the next account plan.