My Mum has recently acquired two baby tortoises. They’re about 3 months old and both of them would fit on a dollar bill with plenty of room around and between them.

She’s called them Yin and Yang, because they’re quite different in personality. In fact they’re opposite, which makes their names pretty inspired I think.

It got me thinking about how you have to look at the other side of something to help you fix the first side. There are often two sides to every story or situation so it makes sense to look at both.

I blogged recently about staying positive. Of course, one of the best ways of staying positive is to remove the negative, to strip it away so that it becomes emasculated and weedy.

Staying healthy in body and mind, in business and in leisure, is a lot about stripping out negativity. Negativity is like a weight around your neck, pulling you down into the vortex. Free yourself from that weight and rise up. Fire up the hot air balloon and chocks away, to mix one’s aviation metaphors…