Every organisation at some point gets too big and hulking, loses touch with what made it great and is forced into a radical rethink or imminent decline. Sometimes it’s a series of points that when added together tip the see-saw.

That moment has come, I think, for Apple with the release of its 2015 operating system, OSX El Capitan. As a company that competes on product leadership, it was never that great at staying close to customers. It got away with this because its stuff was so well designed, so intuitive and so damned beautiful. You didn’t need a manual.

El Capitan has been a bit different, though. Stuff hasn’t worked properly and fixes haven’t been forthcoming. Since I put EL Capitan on the machine that’s created this post, the default application for reading pdf documents – Preview – opens them as completely blank, most of the time.

Lots of us have complained via the discussion boards and so far, most unusually, no fix has been announced or even acknowledged. It’s not the only problem either.

Is Apple losing its touch? Or is it symbolic of the decline of laptops and computers in favour of mobile? After all, Apple is now a mobile phone company. Either way, there’s something rotten in the state of California.