Are you a stickler for the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation in your text-based conversations? What about abbreviations? Expedience and convenience over accuracy?

I suspect this boils down to which generation we fall into; whether we were born into a mobile texting generation or were adults before their advent.

I remember being slightly horrified when I texted the babysitter to see if she was available to look after the little angels one night a few years ago. She replied back ‘Ye dats fine.’ I remember wondering if she wrote her schoolwork that way. For her I suspect it was just a case of adopting the shorthand of the high frequency texter.

I send a few more texts than I used to, but I still feel that even though it’s a conversational medium I’m being judged on the output of its written counterpart. I might even be the only person that uses a semi-colon when it’s called for.

Wots ur vew?