Talk about a deeply philosophical title.  I dread to think how many people will be drawn to the title on Google thinking they’ve stumbled on some astronomical treasure trove.

What I’m referring to here is how much time is wasted interacting with our fellow humans. Calling round to empty homes, voicemails, occupied signs, over-running meetings, traffic delays, busy signals. If only we could align ourselves better for the common good – and not pull rank or status to short cut getting to who we need – then we will all benefit.

Of course, with the human a particularly competitive race this is never going to become a reality, and I have touched on why this is the case in part in a previous post. The best we can do is consider who it is we’re trying to interact with and make it as easy as possible for them to do that with us, and so that they have a net benefit to reward their effort.

One thing is for sure: the connected economy is slowly but surely reducing inefficiencies, rounding off corners, and make our world less imperfect due to its economies of scale, its immediacy, and its convenience. And that can only be good.