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Community pride is a great thing for getting projects off the ground and delivering the benefit to that local tranche of society.

Some countries are better at it than others, and it’s perhaps a function, of history, culture, wealth or simply how well governments tends to fund things. Some are really proactive. Others less so, knowing and expecting that a few individuals will get it done for their community.

It is in the countries and areas with the best culture of community project success that you find the most generous people, I think. Everyone pays their taxes, theoretically, and they have very little control over how their taxes are disbursed, unless it’s via the indirect and infrequent mechanism of voting. Yet in community-minded societies you find people who are very actively generous towards a number of different projects, none of which they may ever use or benefit from.

It is pride and spirit in one’s community that sparks the generosity, which probably engenders more attachment to and better care of the end product.


Central London seethes during rush hour. The underground is maxed, the trains are wedged, the roads are swollen and the footpaths force pedestrians to bunch together against their will.

When the rain comes, however, the dynamic on the footpaths changes.

Up come the umbrellas. It becomes an occupational hazard waling around without one, as you risk losing an eye to the end of a scything spoke every few paces.

More than anything, though, rain in London allows people to reclaim their personal space. Their umbrellas effectively double the space around them as they jostle for space with other umbrella-wielding walkers.

And there’s nothing a Londoner likes more than their personal space as they do their A to B thing.

In a perfectly connected world, where we are all devices and / or IP addresses on the Internet in the so-called ‘Internet of things’, there would be less arguing, fewer disputes methinks.

“Oh, so you think you’ve been doing the dishes more often than me and you put the kids to bed the last 3 nights, do you? Well let’s take a look at the dashboard, shall we? Look, here we can see that I have clearly washed up the last 5 times, and in fact you put the kids to bed the last 2 nights, not 3, and I did the 4 nights before that – hah! Total domestic activities are 561 minutes for you since the start of the week, and 974 for me. You’ve done 1274 parenting minutes, I’ve done 1478, so there!”

I think we’re a long way away from Minority Report and the Department of Pre-Crime, but total 24/7/365 transparency of what we have done must be within the lifetime of at least someone’s reading this. We should be able to report on everything that happens in the past. This will have huge ramifications for society and things like big data. For example a region would know that 1,825 cases of rape were reported, but a further 6,467 cases occurred but were not reported.

This must lead to a safer, truer society, but at what cost?