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We’ve all heard the horror stories and domesday predictions about the death of the High Street, as shoppers move out of town to the malls, or into their homes to their computer, or right where they are via their mobile phones, tablets, phablets and any other form factor you can imagine. Except that is, the move away from the quaint corner shop.

In Europe we still have corner shops, loads of them.

The corner shop I’m thinking of is in the small town I live in (a village by England standards). It’s not quite on the corner, but it’s next to 2 public houses, as you would expect in Ireland. It’s a health food shop. Ironic, given its location, but there you are.

Now if we’re in the very big city we can go onto a colossal online marketplace and get the thing we need delivered within an hour, for a premium, or the next day for probably next-to-nothing extra. But most of us aren’t in the very big city.

My wife asked me to pick up something for her during my lunch break the other day, since I was doing a couple of other errands. She was in a city and the vast supermarket she visited didn’t have said item. I went into the health food store and asked for the item. It has quite a long title to it, but even before I’d finished articulating its name the lady had pulled it from the shelf next to her till and it was ready for purchase. I was out in 120 seconds, the amount of time it takes to properly pour a pint of the black stuff.

This why the corner shop will never die. They are often specialist providers. You can always find staff to ask something. They can give you a knowledgeable and immediate answer the vast majority of the time. They usually smile and are grateful for your business. And, you are done in a matter of minutes.

In certain circumstances, then, the corner shop is alive and well and still a great retail experience.


This ‘n’ That shop, Athenry, Galway, Ireland

Closing the series of posts in praise of people or things, I’m recommending my shop of the year.

Unless you happen to live in the same village as me, chances are you will have never seen or heard of This ‘n’ That discount store in Athenry in the Ireland’s county of Galway. Nor will you ever find it online either, as this is your traditional shop that eschews all modern ways of selling and is truly bricks and mortar only.

Tucked away in Northgate Street, near the town’s iconic arch from the original medieval walled town, This ‘n’ That, as the name suggests, sells pretty much every item you would ever need at a very reasonable price. From binders to bed sheets, clothes to car mats, heaters to hair brushes, toys to toiletries, it’s all here at a fraction of the high street or even online price. My daughter got about 8 Christmas presents for €18 in there the other day. Fabulous.

It’s the staff that make a place in almost every service-led business, and this one is no different. There seems to be loads of staff working there at any one time, of varying nationalities.  They are always super helpful and have the unerring ability to locate an item you need among a seemingly infinite array of stock, rather like those mechanics who can find exactly the wrench they need among what looks like a cultivated chaos.

It’s cash only at This ‘n’ That. Credit cards would be a bit too 20th century. The staff check that battery-operated items like torches – flashlights to our American friends – work properly before selling them to you. Such a breath of fresh air compared to the usual grumpy curmudgeons you get in this type of shop.

As our traditional shops get more and more squeezed by the massive malls or online merchants – creating what is known as the ‘donut effect’ in some English towns and cities – it’s local shops that sell a tablet case for €3.50, as opposed to 3 to 5 times that amount elsewhere, that will survive or even thrive. Cheerio 2013.