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In US life insurance, people with good genes and sensible lifestyles are accorded the lowest premium and the status of ‘super preferred’. In effect they’re rewarded for not being a risky proposition for financial institutions.

Extrapolating this argument, the safer you are, the more you save during the course of your life. But then, when your life is over, and you didn’t really live it to its fullest extent because you were limiting your risks and your payments while alive, who is the winner there? Not you, at least not to this writer.

It occurs to me that there is a parallel in business. These days, immense macro forces like globalisation, commoditisation and automation are making it more and more essential for companies to do something special, and be something special, for their customers. Otherwise, they’ll just get replicated and replaced by a cheaper ‘me too’ substitute.

So is your business simply bobbing along, keeping its head down and playing it safe, while not trying anything too risky? Or is it constantly trying new, risky stuff that keeps it ahead of the pack that’s soon to become extinct?

In business, the super preferred life is not a life worth living.

And on another parting, and unrelated thought, this is post #400 :-).

I’m all for proceeding cautiously, in business or in life. Some of us are more circumspect than others. It’s question of degree.

Too much caution, however, too much safety is bad for you, and can kill you. You can only take so many precautions, otherwise you’re wracked by indecision, the opportunity is gone, and you’re too late.

How many times have our children – or we see children – spend an afternoon plucking up the courage to do something like dive or jump off something high, only to lose their bottle and spend the journey home lamenting the fact that they didn’t do it.

I was reminded of too much safety in a rather humorous way the other day. I arrived at the local pool to pick up my daughter and her friend from swimming and there was a young boy having the time of his life. He had found the pool’s stash of arm bands and had put 3 on each arm and 4 on each leg. He was a mini orange Michelin Man.

As as the pool attendant saw him waddling around on the pool side, however, she told him sternly that no arm bands were allowed on the legs, it was dangerous. I guess if you had them on your legs and not your arms they might tip you up, but the irony of the situation wasn’t lost on me.

Too much safety young man! A lesson for all of us, for all our lives.