In the tenth B2B marketing step we mapped out the specific activities underpinning our marketing strategy to hit our goals. We now have a list of specific measurable things we’re going to do.

We now need to cost them and budget for them. This is the eleventh step.

Many of our activities will have sunk or fixed costs against them. For example, sending an email marketing campaign is a function of the time of the salaried marketing staff to set up, test and send the email, and the cost of the email marketing software, both of which we have already committed to. Each of these costs can be counted as one amount that can be spread overĀ a bunch of activities.

Then there are activities where we need to spend money, such as advertising, events, buying data and the like.

You need to estimate as accurately as you can – without it taking too long and becoming self-defeating – the cost of each activity. Then you can balance it against the return you’re targeting. This will help you see which activities you can’t afford or won’t do because you don’t see the return, and those that look better value than others. A balance of activities will help you spread your risk. Some will crash and burn, some will do OK, and the odd one might go gangbusters.

Totalling up all costs and estimated returns will give you a feel for what kind of return you anticipate from either your project or your marketing team as a whole, including any third parties whom you’re paying for their specialist expertise.

All of thisĀ helps you fine-tune your activity list – or seek extra funds – to the point where you’re happy to submit your plan for review.