This is not an April Fools’ post. This is a serious post.

What are we doing anything for? Ultimately, it’s to be loved, right? To be loved trumps everything. Not as a destination – I’m doing it so people will love me – but as a journey – I’m doing this because I am loved.

To be loved, properly loved, and to know you are loved, by your family, your friends, your fans, your customers, your partners, or your suppliers, is as good as it gets.

When someone loves you, they haven’t necessarily given you money, or even their time. They’ve given you their everything. They’ve made a total sacrifice to you, a total commitment. They are emotionally invested in you, and this transcends the financial, physical or material aspects of things. They’re being as generous as it is within their power to be. They are saying, “you are so worth it.”

To be loved is the ultimate status. To be loved is to be able to put everything else in perspective. It is true luxury.

The opposite, not to be loved? Well, for a human being, it doesn’t bear thinking about.