In Time – Part 1 I  wondered out loud what it would do to the notion and fabric of time if we could either see into the future or travel back in time and therefore know everything that would happen between the point in the past we’d arrived at and the point at which we left.

Or maybe our act of moving back in time meant that we could actually re-shape the past and create an alternative future? That’s been the basic premise of more than a handful of books and films over the previous few centuries.

Many scientist are quick to point out why physically it’s not possible for us to time travel, and I spent Time – Part 1 arguing that existentially it’s not possible either.

So where does that leave us? In our working lives and in our family and leisure lives? If we can’t manipulate time, then we have to make the most of it. Which means we have to make the most productive use of it that we can, because, as I’ve said over many posts, it is the most precious resource we possess. We shouldn’t waste any of it. When we run out of it, we run out of everything else.

So, live in the present and give it your best shot, with the best knowledge and resources you have. Time to go.