In our previous post, the second B2B account planning stage, we grouped our major accounts into those with combinations of current value to us, together with future value to us. Now it’s time to choose.

The third B2B account planning stage is to target accounts that are going to get more thinking time and more love from you. You’re able to choose because you’ve done some great work to identify those accounts with potential. Congratulations, your homework is about to pay off.

Naturally, you want to focus your efforts on the accounts with a good future potential. After all, you’re already servicing the current work, and planning is about looking to the future. The natural candidates are the top-right quadrant of accounts with good current work and good future potential. Make sure not to overlook those accounts that aren’t doing much right now but whom you’ve identified as your future bankers.

You haven’t finished yet, not by a long chalk, but you’ve got a good foundation to build from. Now it’s time to apply some real attention to your future stars, and how you can help them grow their business.