We’re almost at the end of my series on B2B marketing banana skins that I failed to avoid and that you can sidestep – if you haven’t already. One more after this and it might be time to park the series for an unspecified period :-).

My B2B marketing banana skin no 9 to avoid is this: don’t think that you have the perfect marketing team. You don’t.

How could you have? You may have what you feel is a pretty stellar assemblage of team members, each complementing each other brilliantly. But that, in my opinion, sets you on the road to complacency – yours and theirs. A truly excellent marketing team is often a fleetingly short notion. After all, these people are good, right? That means they’re often approached by other peers or companies. It also means they command a certain standard of projects that challenge them and develop them.

If they’re really good then they might be ready for a tilt at your job, or a similar job at another firm.

Always keep you ear close to your network. Always be keeping an eye on really great people to add to your team. Before you know it, you might be back-filling an empty role rather than looking to budget for an additional head.

When someone good from your team pulls you aside for a chat and says they’ve been offered a great new job, let them go. Encourage them to go. They’ve probably checked out emotionally and if they’re trying to use you for leverage with a new job or get you to improve their package and stay with you – well, they’re not as great as you thought.

You might think they’re irreplaceable, but they always are, and often with better yet people. No, never think you have the perfect team.