I’m sharing a series of banana skins to avoid in the world of B2B marketing, in the hope that you won’t slip on them as I did, and many before me.

B2B marketing banana skin no 3 to avoid is this: don’t think you’ll perfectly crack data quality. Data quality is always flawed, because of the human element. Once you rely on people to enter data or amass information, you’re prey to fallibility and competing priorities.

When it comes to buying data for marketing purposes, or getting your sales people to correctly enter data into the system, or interrogating the data you have to get something useful out of it for decision-making, you’re onto a loser from the word go. Even if you’re using automation to amass and update your data, at some point in the chain of events you’ll have effectively paid people not a huge amount of money to get through the quantity and not focus on the quality. Too much focus on quality over a smaller amount of data makes it unprofitable for them and unaffordable for you.

Instead, realise that a certain percentage of data accuracy is all you can ever aim for, and try to put in place processes and incentives so that those who benefit from good data can see what’s in it for them if they make reasonable efforts.