What I’m about to say – or more accurately what I’ve written that you’re about to read – is all relative. But, that said, there are some people who get through a lot.

I’m not necessarily talking about famous people who seem to present 3 series, write 2 books and produce a film in 1 year. For regular people too, the 99.9% of the population that we’ve never heard of, there are some people that seem to get a lot done. Not simply small things either, they get a lot of substantial projects out the door. Prolific, they call them.

What causes them to be so productive, so driven, apart from whatever natural ability they’re blessed with? Is it the fear of the void, the horror of the vacuum, the need to fill time and space? Are they not good at relaxing?

Probably it’s none of those. These people are the variety-seekers, the achievers, the starters and finishers. They’re the people who make things happen rather than have happen to them. They get stuff done, whether it’s work, personal projects or family-oriented events.

Whenever I meet one of them, I always think ‘must do more’. Really it’s about trying to take what they do, feed off their energy and channel it the right way for yourself, I think.