There are two types of busy.

In our yin and yang working lives, the first type of busy is the productive type, where you are focused, you have the end goal in mind, and you are getting through stuff. You’re giving people what they need to progress their own projects and they’re giving you what you need for success. You’re like a machine, energised, nothing can stop you. This is good busy.

The other type of busy is bad busy. You’re bogged down, maybe in admin, you’re doing tasks of low value, you’re switching between tasks and not getting them done. You can’t reach the people you need and the stuff that people need from you is long or difficult to complete. You’re frustrated and annoyed. You’re not productive.

It goes without saying that you need to maximise good busy, and minimise bad busy. How do you achieve this? By planning, being honest with yourself and others, setting the right expectations and executing. In other words, working smarter. Working smarter is always good busy.