What do you use Fridays at 5pm for? As long as the day hasn’t blown up, or they don’t work with others who are a few hours behind their time zone, it can often be a great time to communicate with people since they’re generally putting the working week to bed and looking forward to the weekend.

Consider the following:

– they’re more inclined to read your email as it comes in and follow your call to action

– they will respond better to a call from you that doesn’t require them to do much (for example, commit to a meeting, or agree to do something in the future)

– they will remember a ‘thank you for your business’ or a ‘have a great weekend’ note

– they’ll appreciate a summary of what one of their more organised direct reports has got done this week

– they’re a sucker for good news, especially news that helps them redress the work-life balance at the weekend

– they’ll be happier to acquiesce to your small favour because they’re too shattered or time-constrained to start the next big thing on their list

Last thing on a Friday, contrary to what you might think, is often a good opportunity to reach out to someone important to you. Use the slot wisely.