A lot of people don’t like selling. They avoid careers in sales. They love community and people and conversation, but something doesn’t feel right  to them about selling.

Even some people in selling don’t like selling. By which I mean they don’t like the bit at the end of selling.

The bit at the end is asking for the order. It should be the easiest part of the process. You’ve done all the work after all.

‘OK, if I’ve covered all your questions, and you’re happy, can we proceed with your order?’ This goes two ways:

– ‘Yes, I think we’re good to go.’ Job done, pretty much.

– ‘Erm, no, I don’t think so, not yet.’ To which you follow with. OK, no problem. What is outstanding before we can move forward?’ And so on. Until you get the deal, or you lose it through being outsold, or there never was a deal – in which case you didn’t qualify properly – or you never should have been in the deal to start with  – in which you didn’t qualify properly, or it’s a tender, which is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Asking for the order is a part of the process you come to hate if you haven’t done your job well enough.

I used to work for a guy who had his own family-owned and -run design and print business. He loved asking for the order and he was good at it. He used to joke: ‘OK so we’re ready to go at £9K? Great, I’ll put the order through for £10K, and we’ll invoice you for £11K.’ Lovely stuff.