In a previous post on account management, I talked about creating opportunities to sell more stuff to your customers.

The value has to work both ways though. Your customer needs to feel they will get value from transacting business with you, but you need to feel that you will get value from the deal too.

If you don’t feel like you both got a great deal, then one side feels like the transaction was unequal and the balance has shifted. This is a major cause of customers churning. They don’t feel like they got value for their money. They didn’t see the return they were expecting.

If you don’t feel like you got a great deal, it’s probably because you ended up having to do too much work or deliver too much for what you were receiving. The opportunity cost to you of giving up another deal with a better margin can be significant.

Make sure the value to you – value to me equilibrium is sustained to keep long term relationships with your customers.