The title of this post is one of those phrases that seems to have been around for ages. It’s the sort of thing your Granny might have said to encourage you to have more patience. ‘All in its own good time’ is another beauty that people trot out.

Well of course there’s a time and a place for everything, otherwise it wouldn’t exist! What the phrase means for me is that the time and place has to be right for it to have its full effect. It has to be the right intersection of the two dimensions – temporal and spatial.

At the same time, this all feels a bit passive, defeatist almost. It’s as if you can’t control your destiny, you just have to wait for the gods or ducks to be aligned before something good happens. Do you want to be someone who makes things happen, or someone that things happen to?

As the business gurus are fond of saying: if you can’t predict the future, create it. And there’s definitely a time and a place for that. Yours.