Skype is great.  It helps bring families and friends closer together and helps keep communication costs down for businesses.  It’s also pretty damn robust for freeware, in my experience anyway.

A skype call is not a phone call, though.  It’s not like a call with landlines or mobile/cell phones.  It’s a call between computers, when you’re doing other things like chat, working on things, watching something else, composing an email, and so on.

Even though you may have a scheduled call for 11am, the other party might just be finishing up another call, or another piece of work.  And there’s something different about an unexpected call coming through your computer, laptop, or tablet.

Skype calls go so much better when you follow this type of etiquette:

– ‘Hi’

– ‘Hi there’

– ‘Ready for our call?’ or ‘Can I call you real quick?’

– ‘Sure’ or ‘Yep, but give me 2 mins to get my headphones on/put my ear piece in/get a coffee/grab a pit stop’ [followed by] ‘OK, ready, fire away’

– ‘OK, calling you now’

Easy, eh?  A tiny bit of extra effort, but an altogether better experience for both of you.