It’s odd how music makes you run better.  I’m a regular user of treadmills, but 19 times out of 20 I make do with the stuff they pump out of the speakers.  Most folk seem to swear by their mp3 players and never work out without them.

Just once in a while (that 1 out of 20 times, you’ll have noticed) I like to plug in too, and I swear I run better, faster, stronger.  For a while it was the Killers’ Hot Fuss.  Then it was Muse’s Black Holes and Revelations.   These days it’s David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat.  I feel like I can run forever when it’s blasting into the exact centre of my head.  Well, at least until one of my calves or hamstrings breaks down, which is usually about 30 minutes.

I’ve only recently got into working to music though.  For years it broke my concentration, so I always studied or worked in silence.   I’m one of these people who can work from home with zero noise, no radio in the background, or no music playing.  These days, though, sometimes it’s a nice complement to creativity and problem-solving work, when you really need to ‘zone in’.