OK, so not literally does slow and chunky win the race, or not probably, unless he’s got a good engine.  What I mean is that to get where you want to in life, to achieve what you want, you’ve got to divide time up into manageable chunks.  It’s all very well having a goal of being a millionaire in 5 years, or CEO in 10, but your plan has to contain the milestones necessary for celebrating progress.

Me, I like to divide my time up into non-regular chunks, and set targets around the next milestone that’s important to me, like a family holiday, a weekend away, a big social event, or a birthday maybe.  I find a month or 6 weeks a manageable length of time in which to sustain what it is I’m trying to do, which is generally around improved behaviour, be it parenting, work/life balance, the next job or major consulting gig, health & fitness and so on.

I find lofty long term goals a bit daunting.  It’s like driving at night.  I know the destination, but I can only affect as far as my headlights let me see.